Islamic Finance

Since the 1970s Islamic finance has grown significantly popular creating a sophisticated and competitive market globally. In Turkey the participation banks have been developing this market since the 1980s and key sectors such as energy, real estate and insurance are now receiving increased interest from Middle Eastern investors. As Turkey drives towards its objectives for 2023, we are seeing an increasing use of Islamic finance as a method, alongside other financial models, to raise the financing levels required. 

Bener Law Office is capable of providing advice to participation banks as well as local and international institutions with Islamic finance needs or interests in Turkey. The firm advises on Islamic financing and regulatory transactions and possesses highly detailed knowledge of the legal structure in Turkey.

Our expertise in Islamic finance covers:

  • Financial principles of Islamic law
  • Turkish legal framework governing Islamic finance
  • Existing and pending regulatory developments
  • Structuring of Islamic finance transactions in line with Turkish law, in particular Murabaha, Mudarabah, Ijarah and Sukuk
  • Regulatory M&As involving Islamic finance institutions


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