In case you are one of the data controllers listed below*, we would like to remind you that deadline for fulfilling the obligation to register with the Data Controller Registry (“VERBIS”), which is one of the obligations under the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“Law”), is 31.12.2021.

*Data controllers which are obliged to register to VERBIS:

  • Data controllers which have more than 50 employees annually or more than TRY 25 million annual financial balance,
  • Data controllers which have less than 50 employees annually and less than TRY 25 million annual financial balance and of which the main area of activity is processing of sensitive personal data,
  • Data controllers located abroad ,
  • Data controllers of public institutions and organizations and professional organizations in the nature of public institutions.

We would like to remind you that it is important to become fully compliant with the Law prior to completion of registration to VERBIS, since it will be requested during the registration stage to provide information such as the type and category of processed personal data and type of technical and administrative measures taken regarding such data.

Since it may take time to complete the registration process to VERBIS, we recommend that you start the process as soon as possible if you have not registered.

Finally, we remind you that there is a possibility of administrative fines if the obligation to register to VERBIS is not fulfilled and high amounts of administrative fines can be imposed in case of violation of other obligations within the scope of Law.

You may send e-mail to Batuhan Şahmay ([email protected]) if you have any request/queries.

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