The exit codes to be used by the employers in case of termination pursuant to the situations under “circumstances against ethics and goodwill and similar circumstances” specified under article 25/II of the Labor Law (“Law”) have been amended by the Social Security Institution.

The newly implemented codes regarding the employees to be terminated within the above scope (instead of code 29, which is removed with this amendment) are set forth below.

Exit CodeTermination Reason  
42Labor Law – Article 25/II-a   If, when the contract was concluded, the employee misled the employer by falsely claiming to possess qualifications or to satisfy requirements which constitute an essential feature of the contract, or by giving false information or making false statements.  
43Labor Law – Article 25/II-b   If the employee is guilty of any speech or action constituting an offence against the honor or dignity of the employer or a member of his family, or make groundless accusations against the employer in matters affecting the latter’s honor or dignity.  
44Labor Law – Article 25/II-c   If the employee sexually harasses another employee of the employer.  
45Labor Law – Article 25/II-d   If the employee assaults the employer, a member of his family or a fellow employee, or if the employee comes to the workplace under the influence of drugs or alcohol or use such at the workplace.  
46Labor Law – Article 25/II-e   If the employee commits a dishonest act against the employer such as a breach of trust, theft or disclosure of the employer’s trade secrets.  
47Labor Law – Article 25/II-f   If the employee commits an offence at the workplace which is punishable with seven days’ or more imprisonment without probation.  
48Labor Law – Article 25/II-g   If, without the employer’s permission or a just reason, the employee is absent from work for 2 consecutive days, or twice in 1 month on the working day following a rest day or on 3 working days in any month.  
49Labor Law – Article 25/II-h   If the employee refuses, after being reminded, to perform his/her duties.  
50Labor Law – Article 25/II-ı   If either willfully or through gross negligence, the employee imperils safety of work or damages and harms machinery, equipment or other furniture and materials in the employee’s care, whether these are the employer’s property or not, and the damage cannot be offset by the employee’s salary for 30 days.