Council of Judges and Prosecutors convened in order to evaluate the implementation of the full closure measures, declared by the President on 26.04.2021, in terms of judicial activities and announced some cautionary decisions. In this scope:

  • Postponement of the trials, negotiations, and discoveries to be held in judicial places from 19:00 on April 29, 2021, when the full closure measures begin, until 05:00 on May 17, 2021, except for arrest, urgent affairs, investigation, and prosecution files, and requests for suspension of execution with the imminent statute of limitations, and other immediate matters,
  • Enforcement of postponement procedures without opening a hearing and notification of this matter to the parties,
  • Listening with the SEGBİS (Sound and Video Information System) method in case of necessity for arrest assessment,
  • Enforcement of the objection to arrest, objection to suspension of execution decisions and negotiations to happen through UYAP (National Judiciary Informatics System) and other communication channels,
  • Leaving the postponed works to the working days after the closing day so that the parties are not damaged,
  • Administration of interim measures and objections in accordance with the measures for the pandemic,
  • During the postponement period, judicial services are not stopped completely, and therefore, complaints regarding crimes and criminals continue to be received,
  • Judges and Prosecutors continue to follow up their work during the postponement period by using remote working and flexible working methods,

Recommendations have been given.