With the President’s Resolutions numbered 3134 and 3135 that are entered into force after being published at the Official Gazette dated October 27, 2020, the periods stipulated for termination ban for employers, employers’ right to send their employees on unpaid leave unilaterally and short-time working allowance, which are among the measures taken within the scope of Coronavirus pandemic, are extended.

Please find below detailed information on such extensions.

  1. Extension of Short-Time Working Allowance

Within the scope of President’s Resolution numbered 3134, short-time working allowance period is extended for 2 (two) months following the completion of the short-time allowance period determined previously, for the workplaces that have applied for short-time working until 30.06.2020 (including such date) due to force majeure events as per Coronavirus pandemic.

2.Extension of Termination Ban of Employers and Sending Employees on Unpaid Leave by Employers

The periods for sending the employees on unpaid leave unilaterally and termination ban applied in respect of employers except for certain exceptions set forth under the legislation, which are implemented for employers as per Temporary Article 10 of Labor Law numbered 4857, are extended for 2 (two) months as of 17.11.2020, i.e. until 17.01.2021, with the President’s Resolution numbered 3135.