• Company Disputes

Our team provides services to companies in many legal matters, including commercial disputes within the companies themselves. Particularly, interpretation of commercial contracts and protocols, concluded between companies and in complex shareholders disputes and litigations arising from irregularities within companies. Many of our lawyers, who are competent in their fields in the management of pre-litigation and litigation processes, represent the clients before trials and negotiations.

  • Competition Disputes

Our team embodied of lawyers who are competent in the field of Competition and Anti-Trust Law. Clients benefit from our firm’s wide experienced services by receiving legal protection against companies and players that engage in anti-competitive behavior, in the markets our clients serve. Notwithstanding, we support our clients in managing the process by applying to the relevant institutions about anti-competitive behavior that constitutes unfair competition.

  • Employment Disputes

Due to their intensity employment disputes require expertise. We provide services with highly recognized counsels and lawyers in mediation and litigation process, in agreement and settlement process and during the collection of the receivables.

  • IP Disputes

Disputes arising from intellectual property rights can be very complex. In this context, our expert lawyers serve our clients in all disputes that may arise regarding intellectual property rights. We support our clients both in courts and alternative dispute resolution methods in intellectual property rights infringements, nullity claims, disputes regarding license agreements and any other disputes related to this field.

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Disputes

Besides to presenting legal advice in case of liquidation, bankruptcy and insolvency of companies, we also provide services to our clients for collection of receivables from the companies in liquidation, bankruptcy and insolvency process. In this context, we conduct large-scale bankruptcy and insolvency processes.

  • Partnership Disputes

Our team provides support to clients at the point of disputes between the partners of companies that have a complex legal structure. Although, these disputes can be related to the fundamental issues of the business, it can also be caused by of partners’ different interpretations to certain contract or breaching of their obligations to each other.

  • Real Estate Disputes

We provide services to our clients in all areas of real estate law. Our clients benefit from our expert lawyers regarding preparation of contracts and protocols about all kinds of transactions to be made in the land registry, in negotiation process with the parties, in litigation process arising from huge loan contracts and in all kinds of disputes that may arise in this area.



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