Consumer Law

The Bener Consumer Claims team is experienced in providing a full service ‘turn-key’ approach to our clients. We provide consumer law consultancy, handle consumer claims and lawsuits in a way that is convenient, comprehensive and tailored to the needs of each client.

Consumer protection regulations have been changing in recent years, especially to keep pace with changing trends like the rise of the e-commerce platform.

Our traditional consumer protection services provide advice on structuring of contractual and warranty related business models for retailers, handling consumer claims brought against them, negotiating settlements or defending against unfounded claims. We also represent our clients before specialist arbitral organizations and consumer protection courts.

Bener Law Office has extensive experience in consumer protection practice across a number of product categories, with particular expertise managing and defending claims for sell side clients with client brand reputation firmly in mind.


+ 90 (212) 270 70 50

+ 90 (212) 270 70 50
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