Foreign and Local Investment Funds

Bener Law Office provides legal assistance on a wide range of matters in capital markets with its experienced lawyers.

We act as legal counsel for the registration of any capital market product with Capital Markets Board, including foreign capital funds and other foreign financial instruments. Our team is also experienced in IPOs and secondary offerings.

Our derivative practice focuses on all kinds of derivatives including, but not limited to OTC derivatives, F/X products, credit derivatives, equity derivatives and commodities, as well as on local derivative market regimes and advise our clients on the principles related to Turkish derivative exchange rules, as well as drafting, negotiation and finalization of derivative agreements.

We provide legal consultancy services to our clients on complex capital market transactions including, equities, structured products, securities lending, repos and primary brokerage documentation.

We provide legal assistance to local and global financial and capital market institutions including real estate investment trusts and investment funds for continuous compliance with capital markets legislation, commercial and investment banking, asset management, brokerage business, custody business and licensing and registration requirements.

We also provide continuous regulatory assistance and legal advise to local publicly-listed companies, brokerage companies, banks, foreign investment funds registered with the Capital Markets Board and other financial institutions under the supervision of the Capital Markets Board. Our experience expands to advising foreign brokerage firms, financial institutions, multi-national corporations or individual clients on structuring public offerings in Turkey and conducting the application process, public offering of Turkish companies’ shares at international stock exchanges, registration of inbound Turkish and foreign funds and all necessary follow-up procedures. Our team also provides continuous support to our clients on the complex Turkish capital market legislation in order to ensure compliance with their respective obligations arising therefrom, as well as close follow-up and advise on the changes in the applicable legislation.



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