Residence Permits

Under the Foreigners and International Protection Law there are various types of residence permits in Turkey for which the application process is very localized and at times cumbersome. The most commonly applied categories are the dependent (family) RP and Touristic (Short Term) RP. We as Bener Law Office are able to provide support with not only these two most commonly applied categories but we also have extensive experience with all residence permit categories including the residence permit application process of foreign press members, employees who are subject to petroleum exemption, individuals who are eligible to apply for an indefinite residence permit in Turkey and many more.

We assist our clients throughout and help them navigate the entire process including multiple deadlines and legalizing documents. We strategize the timing of their application in line with their travel plans, inform them about documents that need to be collected from abroad beforehand, arrange their application packages and in-person appointment at the Migration Directorate. At the appointment date, our attorney is present at the Migration Directorate to accompany them and their family members, handle the communication with the Migration Directorate officers and present the documents. We then track the process and make follow-up visits to the Migration Directorate until the RP application is approved and the Residence Permit cards are delivered to their residential address.



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+ 90 (212) 270 70 50
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