Bener provides taxation and financial consultancy services related to structuring, restructuring, investment and transactions in order to determine the most effective strategy, model, vehicle and location in terms of taxation. We advise our clients for local company or holding compant establishment, international investments and exits from the market. This includes advice on alternative and innovative solutions for Mergers and Acquisitions, insolvency, restructurings, foreign trade schemes, real estate, employment models and flow of goods/services.

Our tax expertise extends to financing and refinancing arrangements including loan agreements, related party financing, equity financing and financial instruments such as securitization and derivatives.

In terms of taxes applied in Turkey, our experience expands to, among others, tax lawsuits & disputes, corporate tax, income tax, value-added tax, stamp duty, banking and insurance transaction tax, real estate tax, municipal tax, transfer pricing, resource utilization support fund and all aspects of Turkish tax procedural law.

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