Visas: Work, AMS, Press etc.

Our department has over 17 years of experience in providing assistance with various visa applications in Turkey including but not limited to Work Visas and Work Permits, Assembly and Maintenance (AMS) Visas and Press Visas. As opposed to the general immigration practice in many other countries, we provide support not only for in-country procedures but we also provide remote assistance with the visa application stage at the consular abroad. We have extensive experience with these consular posts and visa categories as well as other special type visas for sportsmen, artists, film/documentary crews, archaeologists, crewmembers and patients entering Turkey for medical treatment.

We help clients to determine the visa type best suited to their purpose of visiting Turkey, communicate to the Turkish consular post in their respective countries, assist with the reparation of application packages and arrange their in-person appointments.

Following the approval of the visa application, we also provide assistance to our clients with the visa collection step as well as in-country requirements following entry to Turkey such as residence permit application and address registration processes as well as assistance for their dependents.



+ 90 (212) 270 70 50


+ 90 (212) 270 70 50
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