With the Regulation on Amendment of the Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages published at the Official Gazette on 28.08.2020, Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages (“Regulation“) is amended as follows and the dates stipulated under the legislation have been postponed. As these dates are approaching, we submit the following matters for your information as a reminder.

  1. Service providers that send commercial electronic messages within the scope of the Regulation should register to the system until 01.12.2020 (30.11.2020 is the last day). Within the scope of the Regulation, the consents received from individuals for sending commercial electronic messages should be transferred to the Message Management System (“MMS“)by the service providers until 01.12.2020. At the end of this period, a message is sent by the MMS to the recipients, stating that the approvals have been uploaded to the MMS and these consents will be considered valid if they are not controlled until 16.01.2021 by the recipients and that the rejection option may be used through the MMS.
  1. The recipients will control the consents registered in the MMS until 16.01.2021. Commercial electronic messages sent after the end of this period will be deemed approved.
  1. The Ministry of Commerce is authorized to postpone these dates for six months by taking into consideration the quality of service providers and the size of commercial electronic message consents.