1. First of all, the land registration record of the immovable subject to sale must be checked. The issue to be considered here is, whether the person who presents themselves as the owner actually appears as the owner in the land registry.

2. Does the sales intermediary have authority of representation? Or not?

In a power of attorney, the person and/or institution appoints a representative to carry out title deed transactions by issuing a power of attorney. In willful representation, it is essential that the person to be authorized to carry out the title deed transactions is authorized by a notary public, or if this person is outside Turkey, by the Turkish Consulates. In order for the authorized proxy to carry out transactions at the land registry office, the authorization must be clearly stated in the power of attorney. General authorizations are not accepted by the land registry offices.

3. It should be checked whether property tax has been paid for the past years. The land registry office will not allow the sale without paying the debt.

4. Are there any restrictions and annotations on the land registration record?

The buyer should learn the existence and meaning of these restrictions and annotations and carry out the sale by evaluating the meaning and consequences of this annotation or restriction. Otherwise, loss of rights may arise against the buyer.

Serkan Kolay
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