Pursuant to the Decision No. 2279, published in the Official Gazette dated 22.03.2020 and entered into force, the authorization granted to the President by the Execution and Bankruptcy Law No. 2004 was used and due to the scope of the precautions taken to fight the pandemic of COVID-19 (New Type Coronavirus); from the date of publication and enforcement of this decision (22.03.2020) to 30.04.2020, it has been decided that;

  • All execution and bankruptcy proceedings shall be stopped nationwide.
  • The party or execution proceedings shall not be executed
  • New execution and bankruptcy proceeding shall not be initiated.
  • The decisions of provisional attachment shall not be executed or enforced.

Furthermore, with this decision, the execution proceedings carried out in relation to alimony receivables were excluded from the discontinued follow-up. Therefore, it will be possible even in this process to continue such execution proceeding and follow-up operations related to the proceeding.

In summary, within the context of the above mentioned Presidential decision, no claim related to the current execution and bankruptcy proceedings shall be processed by the execution and Bankruptcy offices, no new follow-up shall be initiated by the offices and the decisions of provisional attachment, considered as very urgent matter in the execution and Bankruptcy Law, shall not be executed and enforced in any way